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Enough is Enough!

I am running for governor of Maine to repair the losses of  compassion and sound fiscal management practices in the office. 

What I bring to the office is an advanced degree in human service, lifelong commitment to others, decades of work with both Maine and New Hampshire legislatures,  and two decades of CEO deficit-free business management.

Hopefully, you like me, have had enough of the Governor LePages lies, poor fiscal mismanagement, and war on kids, working poor, the elderly, disabled and poor has got to stop.

The current administration lies when it leads the public to believe that it has been a good, conservative fiscal manager and overhauled Maine's welfare system to make it work for those who need it most.

The LePage has slashed spending on programs which help low income families such as Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance, while reducing eligibility for Medicaid health care.

The administration has fought hard to suppress minimum wage and decent wages to help the working poor feed their families and afford health insurance.

He was re-elected on the lie he created that Maine has an epidemic of his mythical "able-bodied, welfare cheats" 

To hunt them down, his administration expanded the number of welfare investigators the cost for which was not recouped by successfully, prosecuted welfare cheats.

It has fought hard to stop medicaid expansion to serve a growing population of elderly and drug addicted citizens as well the mentally ill and developmentally disabled.

The administration cut the number of visiting public health nurses to fewer than 10 to service the entire state.

The results of LePage's oppression paid off neither in compassionate representation nor sound fiscal management:

  • In 2017 Maine stands out for its 20 percent child poverty and hunger rate. 
  • Maine has dropped from eighth healthiest state in 2008 to 23rd in 2017.
  • Infant mortality increased 20% in the last five years, immunization rates for children decreased by 17%, diabetes increased by 12%, and drug related deaths increased by 52%

While the LePage administration was slashing away at health and nutrition for his needy constituents, he increased his office expense by a half a million in just the past three years, paid family members, and lost hundreds of millions due to his administration's mismanagement in health and welfare programs discovered by both state and federal auditors.

See the following pages for strategies I am proposing to make Maine Maine again.



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